Not Ready Not Steady GO! Is an ongoing documentation of my experience and transition into Motherhood. The images, individually and collectively show my transition from being cared for to becoming the carer - my final days of adolescence and irresponsibility. They show me open and vulnerable, at my happiest and my weakest, but they also show growth, strength, independence, love, and the comfort I feel in my new skin.

Missing elements of representation and visibility affected me, and my pregnancy more than I expected. I felt isolated, misunderstood, unheard, sometimes unsafe, and drained through sections of my pregnancy. The constant ending of google searches with, on a black woman, for a black woman, or on black skin left me irritated.

The camera allowed me to visually capture the unedited and truthful depiction of a pregnant black woman, the early stages of parenting, and the mental and physical changes that our bodies go through during these stages.