20 is a collection of images that explored my transition from being a teenager to a young adult.

Today’s date is Wednesday 20th September 2023, which would make it 5 years since I last looked at this project. Entering my 20’s was definitely a rough time for me. I experience a lot of change physically and mentally and I don't think my younger self would believe us if she could see where we are now.

These images, as random as they are, stand together as a visual documentation of what I was going through during that time.

I experienced a heavy loss that I couldn’t understand. And it felt even worse as a Christian, because I couldn’t understand God’s reasoning behind it. I felt a lot of anger and pain during this time, and not getting a reply drove me insane.

I used my camera as a tool of self reflection, and as a distraction from what I was feeling. I photographed as many moments as I could, especially moments where I felt happy and loved. 

“I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, not just the good but the bad too. And with every situation that life throws at you, you will learn how to control them, because if not, they’ll control you.” - 2018 Jade